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with Jurisdiction over Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Quebec

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Most Illustrious Companion E. Carson Jackson

Most Puissant Grand Master 2015 - 2016

MPGM E. Carson JacksonE. Carson Jackson was born on October 24, 1943 in Halifax, NS.  He is the son of Ruth (Jackson) and Gordon Anderson.  He began his leadership training at Alexandra School, where he arose to the highest rank of Major in the Army Cadet Corps.  He was a member of the Rifle Shooting Team and an expert marksman with a 303 competition rifle.    During his teenage years, he attended Halifax Vocational High School.  Carson is a self-taught musician and one of the founders of the highly successful Markees, Rhythm & Blues Band of the 1950’s and 60’s.  As a dancer he was crowned the “Limbo King” on the local TV show “Under 21” hosted by Mr. Sandy Hoyt.  He was a member of the Nelson’s Sea Cadet Band.  Carson was a competitive athlete and coach during his youth, and won many awards in hockey, basketball, softball and fastball.  He coached both Men’s and Women’s broomball teams, and won five Eastern Canadian Championships.  Today, he enjoys family camping and golfing.
He began his working career in the Food Service Department at the Nova Scotia Hospital, and later moved to Webster & Smith China & Glass Company.  In 1971, he became a salesman with Cabot Atlantic Ltd., where he became an Investor, Shareholder and Director of their new branch, Cabot Shipping Supplies.  After 30 years, he retired as Vice-President.  As an African Nova Scotian, Carson became one of the most successful businessmen of his era.
After recruitment by several elders in the black community of Nova Scotia, in 1987 Carson joined Equity Lodge No. 106.  He took a keen interest in Masonry, and by 1993 he became Master of the Lodge, a position he held for two terms.  Among the many duties that he carried within the Masons, he also founded the Lodge Gospel Music Group called the Equitones.  By 1998-1999, he was Grand Master of the Masons in Nova Scotia.
Carson developed an interest in Scottish Rite Masonry and was inducted into the Scottish Rite Valley of Halifax in all three bodies and was elected as Thrice Puissant Grand Master of the Victoria Lodge of Perfection, became a member of the Scottish Rite Research Foundation, Chairperson of the Widows Liaison Committee. He also served as Most Wise Sovereign of the Keith Chapter of Rose Croix.
In 2001, Carson was elected and received the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite and an Honorary Inspector General, the highest degree of Scottish Rite. 
He is a member the Royal Union Chapter No. 1, Royal Arch Masons. He became High Priest of the Chapter, District Grand Chaplain, Grand Scribe, Grand King, and, ultimately, Grand High Priest of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Royal Arch Masons in 2006 - 2007.
As a Member of Chebucto Richardson Council No. 3 of Royal and Select Masters he served as Thrice Illustrious Master  In 2012 he was elected Grand Captain of Guard, and served as Grand Principal Conductor of the Work and Deputy Grand Master of  Supreme Grand Council Eastern Jurisdiction of Canada Royal & Select Masters. He is also holds membership in M.J.A. Wagner Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners.
Carson is a preceptor of Antiquity Preceptory No. 5 Knights Templar, has served as a member of the Grand Council and is presently Provincial Grand Prior for Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.
Carson is a past supreme ruler of Nova Scotia Conclave No. 6 Order of David and Jonathan and past Grand Director of Ceremonies of Order of Secret Monitors of Canada.
As a member of Philae Shiners Ancient Arabic Order of the Mystic Shrine, Carson has held all the appointed offices up to Oriental Guide.  Served 3 years as Membership Chairman, 2 years as President of Halifax Shrine Club, and 8 years as Parade Marshal, Secretary of Scooter Patrol, past Captain of the Motor Corp.
He is the current Eminent Governor of Nova Scotia York Rite College No. 132, and is the holder of the Order of the Purple Cross.
He is a past Puissant Sovereign of Royal Edward Conclave No. 8; Religious and Military Orders of the Red Cross of Constantine and Appendant Orders.
He is serving as High Priest of Saint Andrews Tabernacle # 85  of the Holy Royal Arch Knights Templar Priests.
Member, Royal Order of Scotland.
Member, Universal Craftsman Council of Engineers Neptune Council No. 71 and past D D G W C,
Treasurer of Eastern Canada Priory # 19 KYCH.
Member of Order of Eastern Star Armcrest Chapter No. 45, past Worthy Patron, past Grand Representative of Ontario, and Colorado, Chaplain, Past Chairman Grand Chapter Committee member on Finance,.
Carson is Grand Representative, to the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Ontario and Jurisdiction, to Grand Chapter of Rhode Island Royal Arch Masons, and District of Columbia, Royal & Select Masters.
Past President of the all Canada Conference of Grand and District Lodges held in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
After all of the above positions, Carson has received more Masonic Light by just coming out of the Chair in Royal Standard Lodge No. 398 on the registry of the United Grand Lodge of England.
Still very active in Free Masonry, the oldest Fraternal Organization on earth, E. Carson Jackson has become the highest ranking, and the most decorated African Canadian in the history of Mainstream Masonry.
He is a honorary member of Awareness of Mental Health and Mentally Challenged for Nova Scotia, member of Philalethes Society, the Black Cultural Center, Royal Canadian Legion Calais Branch No. 162, Past Vice-President of Operations for Big Brothers and Sisters of Halifax/Dartmouth, past member of the Royal House of Bradley in Philadelphia, past NCO of the Princess Louise Fusiliers, Executive member(Secretary Treasurer) and Director of Freemasons Hall Limited.
Carson is a President of the Beechville Baptist Church, Men’s Brotherhood, past Treasurer and Chairman of Finance, presently Choir director and musician. Carson has received the Musicial Juno award for Playing music over 50 years and still actively playing.  He served 2 terms as President, Beechville Residents Association. He and his wife Joan (Loppie) have three sons- Lance, Blake and Terry, and one daughter- Kelly (Wilson).  They have been blessed with 7 grandchildren.

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