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Supreme Grand Council Eastern Jurisdiction Royal and Select Masters of Canada
Laurie M Bishop, M.Ill. Grand Master 2014
with Jurisdiction over Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Quebec

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Most Illustrious Companion Laurie M. Bishop

Most Puissant Grand Master 2014 - 2015

M. Ill. Comp. Laurie M. BishopLaurie M. Bishop was born on June 15, 1960, the oldest child of 5 of Murray Bishop & Patricia Thompson. Laurie is the stepfather of one daughter and is the proud grandfather of his 19 year old grandson Austin and 17 year old granddaughter Eden.

Laurie completed Grade twelve and graduated from Chipman High School where he took Business. He has been employed with the Provincial Government – Dept. of Transportation and Infrastructure for almost 35 years.

Laurie is a member of Grace Memorial United Baptist Church in Fredericton.

In his spare time Laurie can be found in his workshop doing various woodworking projects. Laurie also enjoys a round of golf, playing cards with friends as well as going to Masonic meetings.

He married Ruth (Thorneycroft) in 1991. He has lived in Fredericton since May of 1980.


Craft Masonry

Grand Lodge of New Brunswick:

Member of Alexandria Lodge #33:

Laurie was initiated in Alexandria Lodge #33 in Fredericton on February 3, 1997, passed to the degree of Fellow Craft on May 5, 1997 and raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason on October 6, 1997. He was Master of his Lodge in 2001. He was Secretary/Treasurer of District #6 Council from 2000-2002. He also was the District #6 Education Chairman from May 2001 to May 2003. He was the Grand Director of Ceremonies from May 2002 to May 2003. Laurie was District Deputy Grand Master from May 2003 – May 2005. He has been a Past Senior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge of New Brunswick since 2006. He was Chairman of Grand Master’s Award Program for 2 years 2005/2006. He was a Committee Member of Masonic Education and Renewal for 2 years 2005/2007. Laurie has been a member of the Grand Lodge Foreign Relations Committee since May of 2007. He also has been a member of Grand Lodge Bursaries Committee since May of 2007. Laurie has also been Chairman of the Grand Lodge Library Committee since May of 2007. He has been a member of the Past Master’s Association of Maine since 2007. Laurie is a Grand Representative & Honorary Past Junior Grand Warden to the Grand Lodge of Louisiana in New Brunswick since 2010. He is also a Grand Lodge Beardsley Medal Recipient since 2011.

Capitular Masonry

Laurie was exalted in Fredericton Chapter #2 on October 24, 1998. He was elected the 1st Principal of Fredericton Chapter #2 in 2003. Laurie was a Grand District Superintendent of District #2 of New Brunswick 2009 - 2011. He also became a Past Grand Scribe “N” of the Grand Chapter of RAM of New Brunswick in 2012. He is the presiding 3rd Grand Principal of the Grand Chapter of New Brunswick in 2013. He was elected President of the Order of High Priesthood for 2014/2015.

Cryptic Masonry

Laurie was elected Thrice Illustrious Master of The York Council #11 in 2002. He has received the Super Excellent Master’s degree. He was appointed the Grand Conductor of the Council in 2009. Laurie was elected Grand Captain of the Guard for 2011 - 2012, Grand Principal Conductor of the Work for 2012/2013, Deputy Grand Master for 2013 - 2014, and the Most Puissant Grand Master for 2014 - 2015.

Chivalric Masonry

Laurie was created a Knight in Fredericton Preceptory on May 26, 1999. He was Presiding Preceptor of Woodstock Preceptory #41 in 2008 & 2009 plus Honorary Junior Preceptor of Fredericton Preceptory #50 in 2010. He was the Provincial Grand Prior of New Brunswick in 2010.

The Masonic & Military Orders of Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine, KHS and St. John the Evangelist

Laurie was admitted a member of St Anne Conclave #27 on April 8, 2006 and served as Most Puissant Sovereign in 2009.

Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests

Laurie joined Northumbria Tabernacle #19 , Riverview, NB on September 3, 2011. He served as VII point in 2012 - 2103. He is serving as High Priest in 2014 - 2015.

Royal Ark Mariners

Laurie was elevated in Monckton Royal Ark Mariners Lodge in 2009. He served as Commander Noah in 2013 - 2014. He was installed as Grand Son Shem in May 2013 and Grand Commander Noah in May 2014.

KYCH – Knight York Cross of Honor

Laurie was dubbed a member of KYCH in July 2009.

York Rite College

Laurie was admitted a member into the York Rite College in September of 2008. He has been serving as Deputy Master since 2011.

Order of the Secret Monitor

Laurie was initiated into the Order of the Secret Monitor in 2010 and is a member of the New Brunswick Conclave #10 in Hampton, New Brunswick. He is the Presiding 3rd steward in the Conclave.

Scottish Rite

Laurie is a member of King Solomon Chapter of the Lodge of Perfection and received his fourteenth degree on October 27, 2001. A member of Rose Croix and received his 18th degree on March 16, 2002. He is also a member of the Consistory and received his thirty second degree on April 3, 2003.

Royal Order of Scotland

Laurie was made a member of the Royal Order of Scotland in 2012. He holds the Office of Grand Guarder in the ROS.

Order Of The Eastern Star

Laurie was initiated a member of Devon Chapter #37 of the Order of the Eastern Star in 2001. Laurie is a Past Patron of Devon Chapter #37 in Fredericton for the years 2007 - 2008, 2008 - 2009, 2010 – 2011. He is going to be installed as Associate Patron in April 2014.

Laurie is a Past Grand Representative of Arizona in New Brunswick 2008 – 2010. He is the Past Grand Sentinel - 2011-2012, Past Associate Grand Patron 2012-2013 and Worthy Grand Patron 2013 - 2014.

Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine

Laurie was created a Noble of Luxor Shriners in Fredericton in June 1999. He is also Past President of the Fredericton Shrine Club.

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