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Supreme Grand Council Eastern Jurisdiction Royal and Select Masters of Canada
Gary C. Patterson, M.Ill. Grand Master 2012
with Jurisdiction over Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Quebec

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Most Illustrious Companion Gary C. Patterson

Most Puissant Grand Master 2012 - 2013

Gary C. PattersonGary Charles Patterson was born 16 May 1947 in Kentville, NS, and was raised on a South Mountain farm, along with a Brother and a Sister. He learned at an early age that hard work was a virtue and necessary if one was to make a contribution to life in general and to the family unit in particular. As a youth, he was encouraged to attend Sunday School and was Confirmed a Member of St James Anglican Church in Kentville. He received his early education in a one room school house, finishing up at Central Kings Rural High School in Cambridge.

After High School he worked at several jobs in an attempt to find a suitable career and also dabbled part time in agriculture. His intention at this time was to go back to school to become an Electrician but was sidetracked while waiting to be enrolled at Technical School and accepted his first full time job with McMurdo Studio, in Kentville, where he spent seven years as a Photographer and Dark Room Technician. He did though pursue his original plan and began his Apprenticeship and Formal training in the Electrical Trade through NSIT. After working for several local Contractors, he accepted a position with the Dept of National Defense at Canadian Forces Camp Aldershot, where he retired after twenty – seven years as the Coordinator for Engineering Services with the Construction Engineering Section.

Duty was also a word he learned early in life and as a young Man served the Canadian Army as a Reserve Soldier with the West Nova Scotia Regiment. He took his release though when his regular job would no longer allow his participation as a part time Soldier. Later in life he was called back to service and upon receiving a Queens Commission, was asked to accept one of the most rewarding positions of his career, that of Army Cadet Instructor. Charged with the welfare and training of a group of young men and women between the ages of thirteen and nineteen, he served several years including five years as Commanding Officer of 2444 Kings County Army Cadet Corps.

The Community was also an important part of his life and over the past years has served as a former member of the Kentville Volunteer Fire Department, A Boy Scout Leader working with Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, a Director with the Army Cadet League of Canada (NS Branch), and a Zone Coordinator with the Kentville EMO. Today he is a member of Kings Branch no 6 RCL, a Director with the Valley Cardiac Rehab Society, and Past Warden with St James Anglican Church in Kentville.

At present, he lives in South Alton with his wife Nancy and his Dog. His two Sons, Charlie and John, both live in the Halifax area, close enough to visit yet not home for supper every night. He enjoys the beauties of nature and the quiet resolve of country living.

Companion Patterson was first introduced to Freemasonry in 1970 when under the guidance of Brothers C Roger MacLellan, Weldon (Bud) Atkinson, Terry L Meek, and Ronald H Finney, was raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason under the Warrant of Kentville Lodge No 58. As his Masonic education began to increase, his desire to learn also increased and was induced to explore the path of the York Rite. He was exalted a Royal Arch Companion with Cornwallis Chapter No 26 in 1982 and in1997 became a Select Master with Adoniram Council No 10. Companion Patterson takes his Masonic activities very seriously and is fortunate enough at this point in his life, to be in a position to commit to a number of activities within Freemasonry. Some of his efforts include;

  • President, Kentville Masonic Association
  • Past Chairman and Secretary, Kings District Masonic Education Committee, currently Education Officer
  • Past Secretary, and active member of Kings District Masonic Advisory Board
  • PM and Secretary, Kentville Lodge No 58, AF&AM, and Recipient Meritorious Service Award.
  • Grand Representative for the Grand Lodge of Guinea, Past Elected Rep to the BGP, Past Grand Standard Bearer, and currently Grand Lecturer, GLNS.
  • Past Master, Royal Standard Lodge No 398 EC (UGLE)
  • PHP and Archivist, Cornwallis Chapter No 26, RAM, Recipient Meritorious Service Award, Past District Grand Superintendent, Past Grand Lecturer, and Past Grand High Priest.
  • Past Grand High Priest Honorary of the Grand Chapter of Newfoundland and Labrador, and Honorary Member of the Grand Chapter of New Hampshire and The Grand Chapter of Maine.
  • Member, Valley Chapter No 16, RAM
  • Preceptor, Mt Zion Preceptory No 73, Knights Templar, Registrar, and Past Provincial Grand Prior
  • PTIM, Adoniram Council No 10, Royal and Select Masters Eastern Jurisdiction of Canada, and currently Most Puissant Grand Master. He is Grand Representative for the Grand Council of Tennessee and by virtue of his Grand Appointments, has served several years on the Advisory Board including Chairman of the Board.
  • Past Commander Noah, MJA Wagner Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners, currently Grand Commander Noah.
  • Past Sovereign and Past Recorder Rupert H MacNeill Conclave No 30, Red Cross of Constantine
  • Past Governor, NS York Rite College No 132, Member of Royal Valley College No 165, Associate Regent and Distinguished Recipient of the Order of the Purple Cross.
  • Knight of the Eastern Canada Priory No 19, (KYCH) Knights of the York Cross of Honour
  • Past Supreme Ruler NS Conclave No 6, Past Grand Guarder, and Past Grand Bow bearer of the Brotherhood of David and Jonathan of Canada,
  • 6th Pillar. St Andrews Tabernacle, Holy Royal Arch Kt Templar Priests
  • Noble, AAONMS, Philae Shriners, Assistant Marshal, and Past President Eastern Valley Shrine Club
  • Assistant Chief, Neptune Council No 71, Universal Craftsmen Council of Engineers

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