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Supreme Grand Council Eastern Jurisdiction Royal and Select Masters of Canada
John R. Dollimount, M.Ill. Grand Master 2009
with Jurisdiction over Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Quebec

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Most Illustrious Companion John Raymond Dollimount

Most Puissant Grand Master 2009 - 2010
John R. DollimountAlthough born in Halifax, NS John spent his early years at Francois, Newfoundland where he obtained his Secondary education.  Following his graduation from St. Simeon and St. Jude All Grade School he went first to teacher preparatory summer sessions following which he enrolled at Memorial University subsequently graduating with a BA(ed.) and a BA degree. He later enrolled at St, Francis Xavier University graduating with a MA in teaching with a History concentration. During his career John taught in a number of Newfoundland communities completing his career as the principal of Stephenville Integrated High School in 1995.
In 1965 John married Caroline (nee MacDonald) of Gaultois and they have two daughters and a son along with three grand daughters.
In March 2005 John and Caroline retired to Bridgewater, NS.
Over the years John has been an active volunteer both with his professional association and in the community and church. He has at different times served as a lay reader and on the Select Vestry of the church as well as volunteering his time with the youth of his community; having served in various capacities with the Canadian Sea Cadet Corp as Executive officer and training officer CFB Cornwallis for 3 years, local Minor Hockey Associations and provincially with Hockey Canada. He is also a thirty three year volunteer with Skate Canada .
Masonic Record
Craft Masonry
Initiated Canam Lodge # 19 Stephenville, NL May 1, 1978
Passed Jan. 8, 1979
Raised Mar. 5, 1979
Assistant Secretary 1979-1980
Secretary 1980-1983
Senior Deacon 1983-1984
Junior Warden 1984-1985
Senior Warden 1985-1986
Worshipful Master 1986-1987
IPM 1987-1988
Director of Ceremonies 1988-1989
Secretary 1989-1991
Treasurer 1991-2003
Appointed District Grand Standard Bearer 1992
Grand Pursuivant GRNL 1997
Senior Deacon GRNL 1998
District Grand Master Western District 1999
Founding Member Farnham Lodge of Research 2002
Senior Warden Farnham Lodge of Research 2002-2006
Affiliated Acacia Lodge # 39 Bridgewater June 2005
Inner Guard Acacia Lodge 2006-2007
DDGM Lunenburg – Queens GLNS 2006-2007
Affiliated Unity Lodge #4 Lunenburg February 2008
Chair Long Range planning Committee GLNS 2008-2009
Chair Benevolent Committee GLNS 2008
Chair Shared Funding Program GLNS 2008
Elected Director (3 yr term) Masonic Foundation NS 2008
Installed Master of Acacia Lodge # 39 January 2009
Chaplain Unity Lodge # 4 2010
Tyler Acacia Lodge 2012
Director (3 yr Term) Masonic Foundation NS 2012
Treasurer Acacia Lodge 2012-
Chair Masonic Foundation of Nova Scotia 2013-
Capitular Masonry
Mark Master Mason Milley Chapter # 23 GRNS Oct. 11, 1980
Virtual Past Master Mar. 14, 1981
Most Excellent Master Mar. 14, 1981
Exalted Holy Royal Arch May 23, 1981
Affiliated Ouananiche Chapter # 5 GRNL 1994
MEHP Ouananiche Chapter 1994
Anointed High Priest 1995
Grand Master 1st Veil GRNL 1995
Grand Master 2nd Veil 1996
Grand Master 3rd Veil 1997
Grand Scribe 1998
Grand King 1999
Grand High Priest 2000
Grand Representative Grand Chapter of Kansas 1996-
Past Grand 1st Principal (Hon) GRNB 2000
Past Grand High Priest (Hon) GRNS 2003
Moses Monroe Distinguished Service Medallion 2002
Secretary Ouananiche Chapter 2001-2004
Conductor Order of High Priesthood GRNL 1998-2001
Vice President Order of High Priesthood GRNL 2001-2005
Sec./Treas. Assoc. of Canadian PGHP/PGZ 2003-2007
Affiliated LaHave Chapter # 17 Bridgewater Sept. 19,2005
Secretary LaHave Chapter      # 17 2006-2014
Honorary Member James Strong Chapter Nov. 2006
Grand Rep. Grand Chapter of Alberta (NS) 2008
Cryptic Masonry
Admitted R&SM Central NL Council # 16 1997
Principal Conductor of the Work 1999
Deputy Master 2000
Thrice Illustrious Master 2002
Order of the Silver Trowel 2002
Super Excellent Master 2003
Royal Ark Marnier 2004
Recorder Central NL Council 2002-2004
Appt. to Grand Council Eastern Jurisdiction of Canada 2002
Elected to Grand Council 2003
Chairperson Elections Committee 2003-2005
Grand Chaplain 2004
Grand Director of Ceremonies 2005
Elected Grand Captain of the Guard 2006
Elected Grand Principal Conductor of the Work 2007
Member M.J.A. Wagner Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners 2005
Sentinel 2006
Stewart 2007
Installed Commander Noah 2007
Junior Deacon 2008
Member W.G. Young Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners 2006
Grand Representative to California 2007-2010
Grand Junior Warden – Order of Silver Trowel 2005-2007
Grand Senior Warden – Order of Silver Trowel 2007-2012
Elected Deputy Grand Master 2008
Elected Most Puissant Grand Master 2009
Installed Grand Commander Noah 2009
Grand Representative to Ontario 2010
Assistant Grand Recorder May 2011
Grand Recorder Sept 2011
Director Cryptic Rite Charitable Foundation 2012
Affiliated with EBN Cochrane Council # 18 2013
Chivalric Orders
Created Sir Knight Viking Preceptory # 82 Oct. 1981
Proclaimed Knight of St. Paul/Malta Mar. 1982
Knight of the Temple May, 1982
Preceptor Viking Preceptory 1998
Treasurer Viking Preceptory 2000-2004
Elected Grand Council SGP of Canada 2001
Grand Executive Member SGP 2001-2003
Re Elected Grand Council SGP 2002
Credentials Committee SGP 2002-2009
Restructuring SGP Task Force 2004
Membership Committee SGP 2004-2007
Provincial Grand Prior NL 2004-2006
Chair Grievances and Appeals SGP 2006-2009
Affiliated Mount Zion Preceptory # 73 Jan. 2006
Director Knights Templar Charitable Foundation 2008
Constantinian Masonry
Installed Knight Companion Redeemer Conclave #33 1995
Recorder Redeemer Conclave 1995-1997
Junior General 1997
Senior General 1998
Viceroy 1999
Most Puissant Sovereign 2000
Recorder 2001-2004
Appointed Grand Imperial Conclave of Canada Executive 2001
Director Charitable Foundation 2005
Grand Junior General 2002
Grand Senior General 2003-2005
Grand Viceroy 2005-2007
Grand Sovereign 2007-2009
Honorary member The Rupert H. MacNeill # 30 2007
Honorary member Royal Edward # 8 2009
Honorary member Royal William # 32 2009
Grand Viceroy (Pro Tem) 2010
Grand Representative – Grand Council of Maine 2010
York Rite Sovereign College
Dubbed a Knight of York Terre Neuve College # 184 1998
Seneschal 1999
Preceptor 2000
Primate 2001
Chancellor 2002
Deputy Governor 2003
Governor 2004
Elected Order of the Purple Cross 2001
Canadian Exemplar Order of Purple Cross Mobile, AL 2002
Affiliated Nova Scotia College # 132 2005
Secretary Nova Scotia College 2006-2009
Appointed Deputy Grand Governor NS 2008
Grand Governor Nova Scotia 2012
Director YRSC Charitable Foundation of Canada 2008
Knight York Cross of Honor
Honored Newfoundland Priory # 64 2002
First Quadrant 2002
Herald         2002
Deputy Prior 2003
Prior 2004-2006
Affiliated Eastern Canada Priory # 19 2005
Second Quadrant 2006
Third Quadrant 2010
Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests
Admitted St. Andrews Tabernacle # 85 2002
Founding Member Beaumont Hamel Tabernacle 2003
3rd Pillar Beaumont Hamel Tabernacle 2003
5th Pillar Beaumont Hamel Tabernacle 2004
5th Pillar St. Andrews Tabernacle 2005
Conductor St. Andrews Tabernacle 2006
6th Pillar St. Andrews Tabernacle 2007
7th Pillar St. Andrews Tabernacle 2008
High Priest St. Andrew’s Tabernacle 2009
Master of Ceremonies St. Andrew’s Tabernacle 2012
Past Grand 2nd Pillar 2013
Royal Order of Scotland
Invited Provincial Grand Lodge of Newfoundland 2002
Accepted Herald of Kilwinning 2003
Promoted Knight of the Rosy Cross 2003
Order of the Secret Monitor
Admitted Nova Scotia Conclave # 6 April 2005
Inducted Prince of the Order Nov. 2005
Elected as Abashia 2nd Degree 2006-2011
Founding Member New Brunswick Conclave U.D. 2007
4th Visiting Deacon 2010
2nd Visiting Deacon 2011
Organist 2012
Sword Bearer 2013
Assistant Master of Ceremonies 2014
Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine
Created a Noble Mazol Temple 1997
Member Boot Shrine Club 1997
Permanent Contributing Member 1999
Member South Shore Shrine Club Bridgewater 2005
Ambassador 2006-2014
Affiliated Philae Temple 2006
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite
Halifax Valley Lodge of Perfection 14th Degree Oct. 23, 2010
Keith Chapter of Rose Croix 18th Degree Nov. 20, 2010
Nova Scotia Consistory 32nd Degree April 9, 2011
Grand Marshall – Keith Chapter Rose Croix 2010
2nd General – Keith Chapter Rose Croix 2011-2012
1st General - Keith Chapter Rose Croix 2012-2014
Most Wise Sovereign - Keith Chapter Rose Croix 2014

Order of the Eastern Star
Member Mae Chapter # 38 2006
Warder 2006-2008
Associate Patron 2008-2009, 2010
Worthy Patron 2009-2010
Associate Patron 2010-2011
Grand Rep to Oklahoma 2011-2013
Worthy Patron 2011-2012
Worthy Patron 2012-2013

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