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Supreme Grand Council Eastern Jurisdiction Royal and Select Masters of Canada
Richard C. Thomas, M.Ill. Grand Master 2008
with Jurisdiction over Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Quebec

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Most Illustrious Companion Richard C. Thomas

Most Puissant Grand Master 2008 - 2009

Richard C. ThomasMost Illustrious Companion Richard Thomas was born just south of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England in 1943. Richard and his mother immigrated to Canada by troopship in late 1944 landing in Halifax, Nova Scotia and then proceeding to Windsor, Ontario to meet up with his father who had been released from the Canadian Army due to injuries received in battle in Italy. 

Richard grew up and attended school in Windsor culminating with his graduation with a degree in Electronics from which he thence moved to Montreal Quebec in 1966 and where he has remained ever since.

Richard is now retired having served almost 10 years with Bell Canada and just over 33 years with Teleglobe Canada.  Additionally Richard spent 27 years with the Canadian Army Reserves retiring with the rank of Major.

Richard was initiated into Masonry in the fall of 1985 into Browne Lodge No. 24 of the Grand Lodge of Quebec, and then proceeded for 2 years to work in Saudi Arabia.  Upon his return in late 1987 Richard resumed his Masonry and proceeded to join most of the York Rite Bodies of Freemasonry where he has steadily progressed through the various ranks and degrees over the years.

Richard was elected Grand Captain of the Guard of the Eastern Jurisdiction of Canada, Royal & Select Masters (Cryptic Rite of Freemasonry) in 2005 and progressed through the various offices of Grand Council culminating with his election and installation as the Supreme Grand Master of the Eastern Jurisdiction of Canada Royal & Select Masters at the Annual Convocation of that body which was held in Truro N.S. in May 2008. 

Richard is an avid golfer and fisherman and takes every opportunity to enjoy these pleasures.

Richard is also a single parent and the father of two sons, one of whom is a practicing CGA and the other who will enter University in 2009.

Retirement has given Richard the opportunity to further his studies in Freemasonry and to make new friends in the Craft, the greatest Fraternity in the World.

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