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Supreme Grand Council Eastern Jurisdiction Royal and Select Masters of Canada
Gerald B. MacLellan, M.Ill. Grand Master 2006
with Jurisdiction over Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Quebec

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Most Illustrious Companion Gerald Barrie MacLellan

Most Puissant Grand Master 2006 - 2007

Barrie MacLellanBrother Gerald Barrie MacLellan was born October 7, 1940 and educated in New Glasgow, Pictou County, Nova Scotia. Brother MacLellan has two sons, Christopher and Craig MacLellan and five Grand children. Barrie  resides in the Rockingham area of Halifax.

Brother MacLellan transferred to Halifax in 1970 and worked for the Province Of Nova Scotia, Department of Environment, as an Environment Technologist. Barrie took an early retirement package from the Province of Nova Scotia Department of Environment after serving for 27 years.

Brother MacLellan was very active in the Government Employees Union and served on the Board of Directors for several years as well as many committees.

Companion MacLellan was very active with Port City Counseling and has served on the Board of Directors for many years.

A member of the Rockingham United Church he has lived in the Halifax area for 36 years.


Initiated in Euclid Lodge # 92 on April 2, 1969
Passed on May 7, 1969
Raised on June 4, 1969
Worshipful Master of Euclid Lodge No. 92 GLNS 1973
Affiliated with University Lodge No. 110, GLNS 1974
Worshipful Master of University Lodge No. 110, GLNS 1984
District Grand Director of Ceremonies, Halifax District No. 1 1994
Received the Meritorious Service Medal, GLNS 1998
Grand Representative of the Grand Lodge of Peru 2003
Demitted from University Lodge when Charter surrendered 2005
Affiliated with Bedford Lodge No. 104, GLNS 2005
Affiliated with Royal Standard Lodge No. 396 UGLE 2005
Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite  
Victoria Lodge of Perfection Valley of Halifax 1970
Keith Sovereign Chapter of Rose Croix 1971
Nova Scotia Sovereign Consistory 1972
Thrice Puissant Grand Master of the Lodge of Perfection 1987
Grand Almoner of the Victoria Lodge of Perfection present
33rd. Degree 2006
Capitulary Masonry  
Sircom Chapter # 29 Royal Arch Masons       GCNS 1992
High Priest, Sircom Chapter No. 29 1996
Order of High Priesthood 1996
Assistant District Grand Secretary for District # 1 1997
Order of High Priest Degree Team 1997/98
Grand High Priest of Nova Scotia (PEI) GCNS 2000
Grand Representative of the Grand Chapter of New Brunswick 2000
Joseph Conway Brown Medallion GCNS 2003
Grand First Principal (Hon) GCNB 2005
Grand High Priest of Newfoundland and Labrador (Hon) GCNL 2006
Cryptic Masonry  
Chebucto Council No. 3 Eastern Jurisdiction of Canada 1997
Thrice Illustrious Master Chebucto Council No. 3 2000
Recorder Chebucto Council No. 3 2001
Royal Ark Mariner Lodge – M.J.A. Wagner 1998
Recorder of Chebucto-Richardson Council No. 3 2002-present
Elected to Grand Council Eastern Jurisdiction of Canada 2003
Grand Master of Grand Council Eastern Jurisdiction of Canada 2006
Knights Templar  
Consecrated Antiquity Preceptory No. 5 1996
Preceptor of Antiquity Preceptory No. 5 2003
Registrar of Antiquity Preceptory No. 5 2004-Present
Holy Royal Arch Knights Templar Priest  
Saint Andrews Tabernacle No. 85 2000
York Rite Sovereign College Of North America  
Nova Scotia York Rite Collage No. 132 2000
Governor NS York Rite Collage No. 132 2005-2006
Knights Of The York Cross Of Honour  
Inducted Eastern Canada Priory No. 19 2004
Constantinian Masonry  
Royal Edward Conclave No. 8 2002
Order Of The Secret Monitor  
Brotherhood of David and Jonathan  
Nova Scotia Conclave No. 6 1996
Philae Shrine Halifax 2001

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