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Supreme Grand Council Eastern Jurisdiction Royal and Select Masters of Canada
Walter Job Parsons, M.Ill. Grand Master 2005
with Jurisdiction over Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Quebec

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Most Illustrious Companion Walter Job Parsons

Most Puissant Grand Master 2006 - 2007

Job ParsonsWalter Job Parsons was born at Lushes Bight, Newfoundland on December 31, 1933, where he attended school.  On June 25, 1958 he married the former Alberta Rogers of Harbour Grace, Newfoundland.  Job enlisted I the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1952, as a Safety Systems Technician, he retired from the Canadian Armed Forces as a Master Warrant Officer C D in 1985 and now resides in Springdale, Newfoundland.


Craft Masonry

Raised Trent Lodge No 38, Trenton, Ontario, 17 June 1968
Affiliated Dominion Lodge No 848, Baden Baden, Germany 1968
Worshipful Master Dominion Lodge No 848, 1970
Very Worshipful District Master, American/Canadian Grand Lodge West
    Germany 1972
Affiliated Notre Dame Lodge No 1907 E C (now No 6 G L N L) 1989
Worshipful Master, Notre Dame Lodge 1992-93
Elected to the Board of General Purposes, District Grand Lodge of Newfoundland E C 1996-97
Grand Junior Warden, Grand Lodge of Newfoundland & Labrador 1997-98
D D G M Western District Grand Lodge of Newfoundland and Labrador, 2000-02
First Worshipful Master of Farnham Lodge of Research No 33
Grand Lodge of Newfoundland and Labrador, 2001-04
Awarded Distinguished Service Membership in Notre Dame Lodge No 6,  2004

Capitular Masonry

Exalted R A M Heidelberg Chapter No 4, Heidelberg, West Germany,
    26 September 1970
Captain of the Host Heidelberg Chapter No 4, 1971
Affiliated Moose Jaw Chapter No 3, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, 1975
Third Principal, Moose Jaw Chapter No 3, 1976
First Principal, Moose Jaw Chapter No 3, 1977
Grand Sr Sojourner, Grand Chapter of Saskatchewan, 1978
First Most Excellent High Priest, James Strong Chapter No 6, Springdale, NF, 1987
Life Member Valley Chapter No 16, Middleton, Nova Scotia
Life Member James Strong Chapter No r, Springdale, NF
Grand Scribe Grand Chapter R A M Nova Scotia, 1988
Grand King Grand Chapter R A M Nova Scotia, 1989
Grand High Priest Grand Chapter R A M Nova Scotia, 1990
First Grand High Priest Grand Chapter R A M Newfoundland, 1994-96
Honorary Member Grand Chapters R A M Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan  and New Brunswick
Grand Representative, Grand chapter of Canada in the province of Ontario,
near the Grand chapter of Newfoundland, 1994-2003
Grand Archivist Grand Chapter R A M of Newfoundland, 1996-98
Grand Chaplain Grand Chapter R A M of Newfoundland 1998
Grand Representative, Grand Chapter of Nova Scotia near the Grand
Chapter of Newfoundland and Labrador, 2003 to present
Secretary of James Strong Chapter No 6, 1999 - 2005

Cryptic Masonry

Admitted Heidelberg Council No 2, Heidelberg, West Germany, 26 September 1970
Charter Member Central Newfoundland Council No 16, October 1989
Principal Conductor of the Work, Central Newfoundland Council 1989
Deputy Master, Central Newfoundland Council 1990
Thrice Illustrious Master Central Newfoundland Council 1991
Life Member Central Newfoundland Council No 16
Order of the Silver Trowel 1992

Offices Held InThe Supreme Grand council, Eastern Jurisdiction of Canada

Grand Chaplain, 2001-02
Grand Captain of the Guard, 2002-03
Grand Principal Conductor of the Work, 2003-04
Deputy Grand Master, 2004 -5
Grand Master, 2005-06
Grand Representative, Grand Council Western Canada near Grand council
Eastern Canada, 2002 to present

Chivalric Orders

Created Sir Knight, Heidelberg Commandery No 2, Heidelberg, West Germany, 26 September 1970
Commander Heidelberg Commandery No 2, 1971-72
Affiliated Bethany Preceptory No 68, Winnipeg, Manitoba 1973
Affiliated Damascus Preceptory No 58, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, 1976
Affiliated Viking Preceptory No 82, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, 1987
Affiliated Cross Roads Preceptory No 80, Gander Newfoundland 1988
Elected Grand Council Sovereign Great Priory Canada 1975
Chairman Knights Templar Advancement Committee, S G Priory of Canada 1977-84
Chairman Condition of the Order S G Priory of Canada, 1984-86
Elected Provincial Grand Prior, Newfoundland & Labrador District S G  Priory of Canada, 1992-94
Appointed Grand Council S G Priory of Canada, 1994-95
Life Member Damascus Preceptory No 58
Life Member Cross Roads Preceptory No 80
Honorary Member Mount Calvery Preceptory No 12, Barrie, Ontario
Appointed Chairman Committee on Fraternal Recognition, Sovereign Great  Priory of Canada, 1995-2001
 Chairman Grievances and appeals 2001
 Knight Commander of the Temple 2004
 Presiding Preceptor Crossroads Preceptory No 80, 2005
 Deputy Grand Master SGP of Canada 2006 - 2008
Supreme Grand Master SGP of Canada 2008 - 2010

Constantinian Masonry

Installed Celtic Conclave No 53, Frankfurt, West Germany, Grand Imperial Council of Scotland, 1971
Elected Junior General Celtic Conclave No 53, 1972
Affiliated Selkirk Conclave No 6, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1973
Charter Junior General Hub City Conclave No 24, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,1978
Charter Sovereign Redeemer Conclave No 33, Deer Lake, Newfoundland, 1987
Elected Grand Executive of the Grand Imperial Conclave of Canada, 1988-95
Life Member Celtic Conclave No 53
Life Member Redeemer Conclave No 3
Elected Grand Junior General August 1995
Elected Grand Senior General August 1996
Elected Grand Viceroy August 1997
Grand Cross of Constantine, 1997
Grand Sovereign, 1998
Chairman Fraternal Relations 2004
Committee member of Laws and Jurisprudence, 2002
Director Charitable Foundation

York Rite Sovereign College of North America

Founding member Alberta Rose Y R C No 53, Edmonton, Alberta 1976
Affiliated Nova Scotia Y R C No 132, Truro, Nova Scotia, 1989
Order of the Purple Cross 1997
Charter member Terre-Neuve College, St John’s, NL
Chancellor, 1997-98
Deputy Governor, 1998-99
Governor, 1999-2000
Deputy Grand Governor, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, 2002
Grand Governor Newfoundland 2006
Director Charitable Foundation of Canada

Holy Royal Arch Knights Templar Priests

Constituted a Knight Priest, St. Andrews Tabernacle No 85, Halifax, NS  20 June 1991
Founding member of Beaumont Hamel Tabernacle 219

High Priest 2005

York Cross of Honour

Knighted Newfoundland Priory No 64, St John’s NL, June 1993
Elected Deputy Prior Newfoundland Priory No 64, 1995-96
Knight Cross of Honour, Two Quadrants
Elected Prior Newfoundland Priory No 64, 1996-97

Provincial Grand Lodge of Newfoundland

Royal Order of Scotland, 2002

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