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Supreme Grand Council Eastern Jurisdiction Royal and Select Masters of Canada
Grand Council Officers 2014-2015
with Jurisdiction over Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Quebec

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Grand Council Officers 2014-2015

Most Puissant Grand Master Laurie M. Bishop (The York #11)
Deputy Grand Master E. Carson Jackson (Chebocto/Richardson #3)
Grand Principal Conductor of Work Terrence S. Read (Orient #5)
Grand Captain of the Guard Raymond W. Chapman (Tantramar #8)
Grand Treasurer Charles R. MacKinlay (Lion of Judah #19)
Grand Recorder John R. Dollimount (Central NL #16)
Grand Inspector Generals  
Grand Inspector General [PQ] John Leide (Victoria #4)
Grand Inspector General [NB/PE] C. Michael Crofts (The York #11)
Grand Inspector General [NS] Aubrey William Stevens (Adoniram #10)
Grand Inspector General [NL] Oliver J. White (Central NL #16)
Grand Chaplain David D. L. Skinner (The York #11)
Grand Master of Ceremonies Gordon F. Thompson (The York #11)
Grand Conductor of the Council Gordon H. Cowie (Tantramar #8)
Grand Organist Wayne A. Porter (E.B.N. Cochrane #18)
Grand Standard Bearer Michael Magee (Saint John #1)
Grand Sentinel James Walker (Garden of the Gulf #9)
Grand Stewards  
Grand Stewart [PQ] Gilles Thibodeau (Reine de Saba #20)
Grand Stewart [NL] Gordon Hickman (Central NL #16)
Grand Stewart [NS] Francis Cathcart (MacDougall #7)
Grand Stewart [NB/PE] David Corey (The York #11)



*G.A. Riley
F.A. Healey
C.E.E. Rutt
W.J. Parsons
G. Barry MacLellan
Rites and Ceremonies
*G.C. Patterson
G.A. Riley
W.J. Parsons
Grievances and Appeals
*E.C. MacDonald
T.J. Caulier
W.M. Black
*Grand Treasurer
Grand Recorder
G.A. Riley
Financial Examiner
M. F. Gardner
Condition of the Order
*W. H. John Baird
G. C. Patterson
R. E. Lively
Fraternal Relations
*Grand Recorder
R. E. Lively
Elected Advisory Board Members
Peter Townsend
Zachary Bath
Appointed Advisory Board Member
Gordon Thompson
* = Chairman

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